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The Texas Linguistics Society is a recently formed organization made up of graduate and undergraduate students interested in the study of language from a theoretical perspective. The proceedings for the 1997 conference, The Syntax and Semantics of Predication, are currently available, while proceedings for the 1998 conference, Exploring the Boundaries Between Phonetics and Phonology, will be available in the fall of 1998. All conference proceedings are made available through Texas Linguistic Forum. Plans are currently being made for the 1999 conference of the Texas Linguistics Society, which will be held MARCH 5-7, 1999 at The University of Texas at Austin. The topic of the conference will be:

Perspectives on Argument Structure

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-Call for Papers for the 1999 conference

-1998 Conference Program
     "Exploring the Boundaries Between Phonetics and Phonology"

-1997 Conference Program
     "The Syntax and Semantics of Predication"

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