Conference Proceedings



The Role of Agreement in Natural Language

Edited by William Earl Griffin

Web Publishing  by Willis Warren

Copyright 2003 by Texas Linguistics Society

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Preface, Table of Contents, and Introduction


Antonia Androutsopoulou & Manuel Espanol Echavarria:
D-raising and Asymmetric Agreement in French


Nancy Mae Antrim:
Number, Gender, and Person Agreement in Prenominal Possessives


Ron Artstein:
Coordination of Word Parts is Interpreted at Surface Level


Tania Avgustinova & Hans Uszkoreit:
Towards a Typology of Agreement Phenomena


Sungeun Cho:
Quantifier Agreement in Korean


Incheol Choi:
A Constraint-Based Approach to Korean Partial Honorific Agreement


Greville G. Corbett:
Agreement:  Terms and Boundaries


William Earl Griffin:
The Split-INFL Hypothesis and AgrsP in Universal Grammar


Patricia Cabredo Hofherr:
Inflected Complementizers and the Licensing of Non-referential Pro-drop


Tania Ionin:
Aspects of Agreement:  Evidence that Agreement Morphology and Aspectual Distinctions Are Acquired Independently by Child L2 Learners


Jong-Bok Kim:
Hybrid Agreement in English


Hilda Koopman:
The Locality of Agreement and the Structure of DP in Maasai


Mary S. Linn & Sara Thomas Rosen:
The Functional Projections of Subject Splits


Eric Mathieu:
French Object Agreement with Verbs of Perception


Roland Pfau:
Defective Feature Copy and Anti-Agreement in Language Production


Christian Rathmann
The Optionality of Agreement Phrase:  Evidence from German Sign Language (DGS)


Gianluca Storto:
Agreement in Maasai and the Syntax of Possessive DPs (II)


Changguk Yim:
Subject Agreement in Korean:  Move F, Attract F, or Agree?

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