Thank you for making TLS17 a success! The next conference is planned for Spring 2019.

The 17th Texas Linguistic Society conference will be held over two full days, September 15-16, 2017, at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Keynote Speakers


Download program: [PDF]

Friday, September 15

8:30 am Breakfast / Registration (CLA 1.302C)
8:50 am Opening Remarks (CLA 1.302B)
9:00 am An Analysis of Telicizing Morphemes in Mandarin Chinese
Qiangping Gu
University of Texas at Austin

More Characters, Longer Speech: Effects from Orthographic Complexity in Japanese
Shannon Grippando
University of Arizona

Emergent Identities: Religio-Racial Identity Making in Interaction between Two Opposing Religious Groups in Sri Lanka
Krishantha Fedricks
University of Texas at Austin
10:45 am Number and Gender Agreement in Saudi Arabic: Morphology vs. Syntax
Ruth Kramer
Georgetown University
12:15 pm Lunch (on your own) List of places to eat near UT campus
1:15 pm Action Nominals in Northern Mansi—Nouns or Verbs?
Bernadett Bíró
University of Szeged, Hungary

Predicting the use and structure of postmodifier in Nigerian English noun phrase
Mayowa Akinlotan & Alex Housen
Vrije Universiteit Brussels/University of Texas Austin

Vocabulary Learning vs. Vocabulary Acquisition
Abraham Chang, Greta Kiers, Anna Meyer, Han Chang & Won Chang
Taylor University
2:30 pm Embedded V2 is Anti-liscensed by Discourse Familiarity
Spencer Caplan & Kajsa Djärv
University of Pennsylvania

Towards a Radical Construction Grammar approach to clitic phenomena: a case study of Southwestern Amazonian languages
Adam J.R. Tallman
University of Texas at Austin
4:15 pm Morphological connectivity in the mental lexicon: Does ‘irregular morphology’ exist?
Andrea Sims
Ohio State University

Saturday, September 16

9:00 am Breakfast (CLA 1.302B)
9:30 am Comparative analysis of courtesy strategies and their relationship with gender
Genoveva Di Maggio
Ohio University

Aspectual differentiation among heritage speakers: a case in the Midwest
Laura Valentin-Rivera
Kansas State University

Sonority and Final Word Clusters: A Case Study on Najdi Arabic
Omar Alkhonini
George Mason University
11:15 am Examining referential specificity in signed language pronominal systems
David Quinto-Pozos
University of Texas at Austin
12:45 pm Lunch (on your own) List of places to eat near UT campus
1:45 pm Elision in Medial and Final Clusters by Andalusian Learners of English
Ángela Romero Rodriguez
Ohio University

Mandarin “Descriptive Complements” are Adjuncts
Spencer Caplan
University of Pennsylvania

Weak Crossover in Chinese—Now you see it, now you don’t
Jun Lyu
Stony Brook University
3:30 pm Disposition, Register, and Sentiment: A hierarchical taxonomy of the periphrastic causative verbs in English
Zach Childers

Motion events again: lexicalization patterns or constructions?
Mojciech Lewandowski
University of Copenhagen

Use of Standard Arabic [q]-Lexical- Borrowings in Syrian Rural Migrant Speech
Rania Habib
Syracuse University
7:30 pm Reception: Butterfly Bar, 2307 Manor Rd


All talks will be held in the College of Liberal Arts building, on the ground floor (CLA 1.302B).

Local Information


The University of Texas is located just a few miles north of downtown Austin. It is accessible primarily via Guadalupe St. which runs along the entire west side of the main campus.


TLS 16 will be held in the Center for Liberal Arts building (CLA).


The main airport servicing Austin, TX and the surrounding area is the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS). Shuttles and Taxis are available from AUS and the Route 100 Airport Flyer bus has stops on the UT campus at the intersection of 23rd St. E. and Robert Dedman, which is just a short walk from the Linguistics Department building.

Other options
Stay With a Graduate Student

Some UT graduate students may be able to provide accommodations for TLS participants. If you would like to request to stay with a graduate student, please let us know via email with the following information:

  1. Your name and institution
  2. Your contact email
  3. Prefered host: Female / Male / Either
  4. With pet / no pet (indicate the kind(s) of pets you do not want to stay with)

Austin is kind of expensive, lodging-wise. If you're traveling economically, your best bet is probably to see if there's a UT grad student available to take you in (first come first serve!), then Couchsurfing (arrange at least a month in advance), then Airbnb (arrange at least a week in advance).

Ride a bike? Check out B-cycle or Spokefly.